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    Why I’m Eating Carbs and Loving Desserts Again

    July 8, 2018

    For the past few years I’ve been mostly avoiding these two food groups: carbs and sugar. I never used to before I turned 30 and in fact, growing up these two were a healthy part of my diet. Dessert after dinner was as natural as brushing your teeth before going to bed and any form of carbs from pasta to rice was a must with every meal. My “high metabolic” constitution didn’t stop me from going for seconds or lets face it sometimes eating half a pie in one setting. But between my late 20’s and early 30’s I began packing on the pounds – precisely the time that I began a more sedentary lifestyle which consisted of sitting at my desk for ten hours a day and sacrificing any form of physical activity.

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    My Easy Green Clean Routine

    I used to hate cleaning. In my twenties I became a naturally messy person and a lazy cleaner – probably subconsciously in defiance of my childhood upbringing which included rigorous weekly chores courtesy of…

    July 8, 2018
  • Featured Live Wisdom

    Behind The Lashes

    I had an addiction…a false lash addiction. And just like any addiction, this one was no different. After almost a year of getting my lashes done at three different “artists”, I came to a…

    March 4, 2018
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    Letting Go of Outcomes

    Sitting on my mat with my eyes closed at my first yoga class of the year, our instructor shared a beautiful story about letting go of our attachment from outcomes. The story was about…

    February 19, 2018
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    Door To A Whole New World

    Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a post that a friend had shared on the Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam. You might have already heard of this story : how a…

    December 21, 2017
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    How I Found My Purpose to Meditate

    Almost two years ago, I went to my first Yoga class in years, and for the first time I felt an actual connection to it. Everything from the studio, to the teachers and the…

    August 14, 2017
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