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My Easy Green Clean Routine

July 8, 2018

I used to hate cleaning. In my twenties I became a naturally messy person and a lazy cleaner – probably subconsciously in defiance of my childhood upbringing which included rigorous weekly chores courtesy of my meticulously clean and ex military stepfather. But as I approached my thirties, I began to feel the need to have a clean and tidy apartment, and well organized closet which is now borderline OCD. I still hated my cleaning routine but this time it was because the smell of all the toxic cleaning products I was using made me literally dizzy and gasping for breath every weekend all while wearing  rubber gloves and a cleaning mask. I had tried switching to more natural store bought products but I was still skeptical about the ingredients and I needed a radical change in my home. 

Psychologically, I was not only longing for a more natural way of life but I began thinking about the impact of my choices. A sizable part of this was not only my footprint here on earth but the indirect effect of my choices like who was ultimately benefiting from the products I purchased. When I was introduced to doTerra, I had no idea that not only could essential oils be used for cleaning just about everything but that they had their own line of products that were non toxic. First of all, as a Wellness Advocate for doTerra, I’m a huge fan of the company’s sourcing and sustainability and overall ethics behind the business. Slowly, I began replacing one product after another (yes everything! including my glass cleaner) with literally just one or two doTerra oils, On Guard cleaning concentrate, vinegar and baking soda. The magic that ensued was that I embraced my weekly cleaning routine and here are some tips to empower you to make the switch to a healthy green clean routine of your own:

Start With a Small Intention

Begin with the simple intention of reducing toxins in your home. Starting small is important and I don’t see a point of immediately tossing all your cleaning products away. It can be easily overwhelming to deviate from your normal routine so as you run out of your products, slowly begin to incorporate essential oils into your cleaning.                                                                  

Keep The Ingredients Simple

While there are quite a few essential oils that can get various jobs done, here’s my shortlist for an all purpose cleaning routine: Baking soda, vinegar, 2x 24oz spray bottle, lemon and lime essential oils, Onguard Cleaning concentrate.

All Purpose Cleaning Spray: Combine two table spoons of On Guard into one of the spray bottles and fill up the rest up with water.  The cleaning concentrate is wonders and works for everything from windows, cleaning your bathtub and sinks and in addition works as a multipurpose cleaner and works wonders on glass surfaces as well.

Lime Scale Remover: Combine one cup warm water, one cup white vinegar and 15 drops each of the lemon and lime essential oils. I like to use this as a base coat before I go over my bathtub and sinks with the all purpose cleaning spray.  First, sprinkle baking soda all over your bathtubs and sinks, then generously spray the lime scale remover. I use a general long handle scrubber to get the lime scale and scum out, after which I will go over the surface with the all purpose spray.

Praise Yo Self Girl (or Guy!) 

I  remember after the first time I cleaned my entire apartment without toxic products thinking WOW that wasn’t painful at all. I was so proud of myself for making this commitment to slowly create a green living space. So celebrate yourself for having used earth friendly products in your home that leave less of a footprint on our planet, for choosing ethically made products and for helping create sustainable economies around the world.

Work with Me  

I love to live an inspired life. My purpose is to empower young women to come into their own strength and beauty to live their best life. If you are not a doTERRA member yet and this resonates with you I’d love to connect with you! If you are driven to live naturally, keep learning more and serve others then I would love to help you get started with doTERRA. Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch with you soon.

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